You will need some kind of easel to paint on

An easel is a kind of tool to prop up your painting so you can paint with oils.

There are many types of easels; many beginner painters use a table top easel. You can set it up on the table and do your painting sitting down on a chair.

This is an example of a table top easel....

I started out using a table top easel and these types of easels work well for smaller paintings. They are very easy to set up and take down and don't take up much space for storage. Also, they don't cost very much either. The only thing about them is you have to limit your canvas size to a smaller size to prop up on the table top easel, otherwise the canvas is too big for it. But they are ideal for beginners.

If you want to work on a larger canvas you will need a standard type of ease. These types of easels come in aluminum or wood. The aluminum easel is very lightweight and easy to set up. This type of easel will hold a larger canvas than the table top easel. Most aluminum easels are good quality and work well for the artist.

Here is an example of an aluminum easel....

For the more serious artist you can invest in a heavier wooden easel that can hold the largest of canvases to paint on. This type of easel is probably the best you can get. They come in various sizes and are made with the highest quality material. They last a life time or more.

Here is an example of an Italian made easel...

There are other types of easels such as French easel or pochade box easel. These types are used by people who are painting outside on location and are considered more advanced artists. As you learn to paint with oils you will get better and gain more confidence to be able to mix colors rapidly in order to work outside on location.